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This is the home site for Robert Lipe. My wife, Linda, and son, Ryan may also park things here from time to time. The SCO OpenServer GNU DS, and a number of miscellaneous software packages including the Kernel Memory Editor, the Simple Text Editor, and the Virtual Terminal Creator are also kept here.

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I like to build things. Right now, I have a number of projects; computer related and otherwise.

Software mastered at this site.

A FREE OpenServer Development System.

I did the SCO OpenServer 5 port of the GNU development toolsthat was included on Skunkware 5, Skunkware '96, and Skunkware 5.1. This is the top level documentation for it.

NoteThis is the 95q4c version. It includes C++ and GDB in both ELF and COFF and a newer version of all the underlying GNU code than what's on the Skunkware disk.

SCOalso mirrors a copy of this code at their GDS Web page or the GDS FTP site

Checking out the FAQ for this set of tools might not be a bad idea.

SCO Programmer FAQ

I grew tired of reading and writing the answers to the same questions repeatedly in the comp.unix.sco.programmer newsgroup. Since I couldn't bait anyone else into maintaining the list of Frequently Asked Questions, I started a list and fed them into the Faq-O-Matic. In April 99, this FAQ became hosted by Boyd Gerber. You can see the resulting FAQ for comp.unix.sco.programmer .

Simple Text Editor

Have you been looking for a Simple Text Editor? Designed specifically for the computer impaired, it's great for Email. It works on most any flavor of UNIX, and has received heavy use.

UNIX Serial Benchmarks.

Tbench is a UNIX serial I/O performance and reliabilty test program.

Kernel Memory Editor.

KME is a Kernel Memory Editorthat allows you to view and edit memory in a semi-realtime spreadsheet-like manner.

02/22/02 - The version on this page was out of date. We put it on SourceForge about a year ago and the infrastucture is much nicer in that version. Check it out!

Virtual Terminal Creator.

VTL, the virtual terminal creator, allows you to create login sessions on other virtual consoles or on remote ttys.

Software mastered at other sites, but enhanced by me.

UDI - the Uniform Driver Interface.

I have been a major contributor to the creation of a specification and implementation of a highly engineered driver model that allows independent innovation in drivers and operating systems.

Connectix QuickCam support for SCO.

I did some work with the Connectix QuickCam. Starting from the good work of other QuickCam developers, I have added SCO OpenServer 5.0 driver support for the unit. Note:The released 1.1 version version of this driver needs this patch installed for use on SCO. You might find this archive of other code for the QuickCam useful.

Personal stuff.

Ryan reading pc week I realize that good help is hard to find, and interns are one of the best sources of cheap labor. Accordingly, my youngest coworker works hard to stay atop industry trends. You will notice that he is in full conformance with the mandatory dress code at my home office.

Ryan at keyboard

Silhouette of Ryan I'm partnering in a project to build a people. Ryan moved in with us in Jan of '96. He's amazing. He never knows his own strength because he's stronger each day. He has no fear and isn't smart enough to realize what he can't (or shouldn't) do. While these sound like good characteristics in the lead for the next James Bond flick, they're unnerving in a kid. He's much more fun than he used to be. He's quite mobile and is finally read/write. He understands compound phrases like, "Ryan, get your jacket and we'll go outside." He has a limited vocabulary, but no longer is his interrupt identifiation register the biological equivalent of the idiot ("Check Engine") light. It's much less frustrating now that we can ask what his deal is and he can point to his feet to remind me that I put his shoes on backwards or can walk to the kitchen and beat on the pantry door to remind me that we forgot to eat.

Linda and I took up tandem biking in spring of '95. Yes, Ryan joins us in the trailer. WarningThis Vehicle Makes Wide Turns!We've never made a century (100 miles) here in the hills of Tennessee. We have done a couple of 50's and had a blast.

We've biked the Natchez Trace (from Nashville to Natches, Mississippi) and the Katy Trail in 1997, racking about 120 miles on each over a week. We attended the Midwest Tandem Rally in Columbus, OH in '98 and the one outside Chicago in '00. Over 600 tandem teams attended each. What a spectacle!

What has three heads and is eleven feet long? This!

I also like to do woodworking. Cabinetry seems to be what I have most fun with. I just finished a toybox for Ryan.

Ryan does all sorts of crazy things. We've already started collecting blackmail material for when he gets older. For example, we have him doing one of his favorite things as well as another of him mocking the local United Auto Workers union.

If you want to see all the fotos on this page together and inline, this makes it easier. It also contains additional annotations on the fotos.

Ryan, Linda, and I have recently taken up Geocaching. This is a fun sport that's a combination of treasure hunt and scavenger hunt but is really a reason to play with my Magellan 330 GPS Receiver and go trapse around the country. You can read about fun we've had.

Gratituous picture of me This was taken at SCO Forum '95 by Aris Stathakis, now of Caldera, when he was still in South Africa . I must have been concentrating on something, for I don't recall the pizza being that notable...

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